Happy Halloween


Hello! Happy halloween! Do you like my new friend? He is a very big spider.  Do you like my new dress? It has a pocket, and it doesn’t show my pants when I lift my arms up, which means I made it myself (although i made my pants myself too, and they have giraffes on). I’m very pleased. I made three dresses over the summer, one dottie angel frock and then two fitted bodice numbers. I felt i should try a fitted number to increase my sewing repertoire. I did learn lots, important things like how to made a bust dart that isn’t so pointy it’ll take your eye out, and techniques like stitching in the ditch. It was enlightening, but the main thing I learnt was that I don’t like wearing fitted dresses. Particularly not when it’s hot. So I’ve gone back to making loose fitting sack dresses.    Now inktober has finished I’m going to do a little round up of all my favourite inktober pieces so prepare for a little October retrospective n the forthcoming days.  

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