Saturday, 30 July 2016

July crafting- Holidays

For this months crafting, I decided to sew something a little bigger..... It was a lot easier and took a lot less time, though sadly it does mean you have to look at my awkward face.


This beachy batik wrap skirt was supposed to be one of the first thing I made... It only took an afternoon, or seven years if you count the time between buying the fabric and cutting the pattern out. Although it did feel very easy to make, so I guess I've improved a lot.


Me and the boy live in the sea come holiday time. See you when we get home!



Me You and Magoo


Thursday, 14 July 2016

end of term! hooray!

I've updated the 'why-I've-been-hiding-from-social-media' graph (the original is on Instagram somewhere) to reflect current trends. Basically I was waiting for the news to reach manageable levels of history occurring before logging onto Twitter. This has not occurred, and my brain is on fire from it all. Everything is on fire. Except the British summer, which is as soggy as ever. Anyway, basically, I'm very sorry if I haven't replied to you comment on something or other. It's because of the.... Flames.
Still, schools out and although a combination of youth, inexperience, bloody mindedness and SATs means my son didn't get on with his class teacher very well, he still feels he ought to buy her a present. Luckily he's wracked his brains to think of something she'd really like, and discarded chocolates in favour of sums. Yes, since his teacher likes maths so much, he genuinely believes she'd like some really hard ones. I don't have any more children and he's leaving the school, so I feel I can afford to burn some bridges and let him get on with setting her some.


Since some of you asked here's a scan of the card for those teachers that have fallen short inspiring and nurturing our offspring this year. Please note the lettering has the government recommended leads in and out. Have fun with it.


Thursday, 30 June 2016

....and relax

I've been hiding a lot recently, I feel at times like this it's important to have a safe place to hide in. One where you control everything that happens there. So that's obviously where I've been spending a fair bit of time, and I said I'd put a post up for June's 'crafting is my therapy'.
He's a suit I made my doll. It's quite hard to find a suit jacket for a 17 inch doll, and when you do it's nearly always black, very expensive and probably isn't going to fit very well (the dolls, like humans, are all slightly different in shape in a way that makes off the peg clothes buying for fitted garments difficult)

This photo makes things look worse than they are (he kept falling over) but I took it so you have to look at it.


Anyway, I know why this is. Making a tiny suit is very, very tricky. Especially if you doing it using actual suiting material. That stretches. And if you are idiot enough to try that, I recommend a patchwork iron and lots of super lightweight interfacing and heat'n'bond to give those sews a nice sharp finish.

Me You and Magoo


Thursday, 16 June 2016

And finally, summer.

It is June. The garden is alive with all sorts of previously undiscovered delights, as if tending to one small vegetable patch has somehow effected the entire system; it blossoms all over at the care. The seed bombs leave patches of windflowers and long grasses shelter butterflies and bright cinnabar moths, and a large dragonfly is found drowning in the bucket pond.

The violets, my small springtime friends that cover the lawns, are done and gone, as too are the lily of the valley that has become scorched and withered on the stalks by a few days surprising heat.

Depression recedes. I recover after a long bout of continual illnesses. Here's a photograph a pumpkin to illustrate what my tonsils have been looking like recently:


So, after that recap we'll resume regular blog posts.



Tuesday, 22 March 2016

March meet the maker

I've not missed a day of this Instagram challenge yet (though I was late the weekend we went to London)
Here are my favourites! Catch the rest on instagram (@champignons)

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Ho Ho Ho

Here's an amusing guide to buying gifts I made to help you with your seasonal shopping. Hope it's of use