I’ve always had good hair, so I’ve always taken it for granted; I wash my hair, and maybe brush it, and other than that it runs feral. Even now I am older, and it is thinner, and greyer, than it was, it’s still pretty good hair. When I moved to Southampton I stopped cutting my hair. Not particularly on purpose, I just don’t like going to the hairdressers, and it didn’t look too bad, so why bother?. It grew to what my friend called ‘clinically long’.

It’s always been long, though. When I was young, people would comment on it and I would wonder what I would do if it all fell out. I can’t remember how I found out about The Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for young people that have suffered hair loss, but it seemed obvious that my talent for growing hair had a purpose, so I gave them 20 inches. I meant to cut off ten inches but the hairdresser was sufficiently incompetent that she could cut off more hair than most people have, despite being told the length I wanted in three different ways. I didn’t go back for a while, but my son has been urging me to get it cut, since a lot of the girls at his school have donated hair.

This time they got 15 inches, thanks to the more than competent team at Glitz hair in Southampton, who measured very carefully, and were very nice, and competent . You can donate anything more than seven inches, but they need donations of more than 12 inches to make long wigs. My hair is still long, and I am enjoying having to at this length, so I don’t need any congratulations, I just wanted to let people know that hair donation is a thing, and you can also support the Little Princess Trust financially- some of my friends chipped in to get my hair made into a wig, and that makes me feel far prouder.

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