Commission list

 Details on commisioning me and commision list

There are a lot of words (sorry) and the actual update list is a long way down (sorry)

Prices start from £30 for a standard face up of any sized doll. Return postage will be £8 for special delivery in the UK. Please make sure the head is clean before you send it to me (unless I have agreed to to a partial face up) Removal of the old face up, freckles, tattoos, eyelashes  etc. will cost extra. Prices can be seen in the listing here

I like to draw a sketch first, so you can imagine what you are getting as I don't take progress photos because of the way I work. After I receive your doll head I will request payment/make you a listing in my shop to purchase. I will then draw out sketch of your doll with my interpretation of the face-up for you to comment on before I start work. Then I'll paint the face up taking any corrections into account.


Liquitex soft body
Liquitex gloss
Tamiya gloss
Unison Pastels
Pearlex powders
Humbrol acrylic spray/MSC UV cut (I use humbrol acrylic spray as standard because I find it a better product, but I have MSC is that is what you prefer. )

I have a very large range of pastel and pearlex powder colours.

I am flexible with regards to how you doll is painted.

 If you have no specific ideas for your doll, or very vague ideas of what you want that is fine. I will design a face up for you.

If you have specific ideas,  fill in the form below and/or make a visual references using a site like flickr or pintrest (human models and dolls you like are fine, but don't send only a couple of pictures of face ups on the same sculpt. I want to make the perfect unique face up for you, not copy others work) You can include the wig and eyes if you think it would help me to choose the colours, or want to buy your sketch as a portrait.

Skin tone:
Style: natural/dramatic
Eyeshadow colour(s):
Eyebrows:Thickness/direction (eg, anxious)/colour
Lips: colour/lines colour
Extra: freckles/facial tattoos/blush

Turn around depends on how much work I have on, and the weather. I'll keep in contact through out the process so you won't worry and try and be as quick as possible because no one enjoys headless bodies hanging around. Generally I take less than 3 weeks; life events, holidays and the chrismas season can slow things up. I'm not an artist that wants to keep your heads for months.

Important info:

Please pack your doll heads carefully.I do not require a face mask but if you want applied lashes it's a good idea or they might get squashed. I do not take responsibility for postage loss to me, so send them securely. Items coming from overseas will have a customs fee you will need to pay before I get the head. For this reason I prefer heads from within the EU, though I have no problems painting them if you are happy to pay the fees. Please let me know if you are outside the EU before purchase.

Tattoos and eyes (in the case of monster high) will cost extra. This listing is for a basic resin BJD head face up but I am happy to paint vinyl (monster high) and plastic (hujoo and blythe) dolls if you contact me for details. I have painted tan skin monster high dolls but no tan resin ones.

I prefer not to mess with eyelashes but I will try and apply them for you if you are will to accept the possibility I might murder them. I keep some eyelashes in stock if you want me to put them in for a small fee.

I have over 800 positive feedbacks on etsy and folksy (combined)under the user name  champignons. Pet Free home.

Commission list
Painting is open after moving house/christmas.
Please pay promptly to keep your slot. Contacting me does not ensure your place, paying does.

Commission Slots are as follows:
1) EB: realpuki flora (paid, in progress)
2) JB: littlefee (to pay)
3) EC: 1xisland doll, 1xiplehouse eva (paid, awaiting heads)
4) VR (to pay)

Completed work
AH: 2xdollzone
V.R- 1x Iplehouse 1xluts
CA- 1x unoa l-bi
JB: 1xreal puki
AB: blue magpie
JB: 3x littlefee
VA: 1xorient doll, 2xdollstown
MS: noel Gallagher head paid/finished/posted
JC: Unoa Chibi  Lilin cool: paid/finished/posted
JB: 2xpukipuki: paid/finished/posted
DC: Unoa Chibi Yancha: paid/finished/posted
DC : Dollzone Freddy:paid/finished/posted
IR: Volks DDH-07: paid/finished/posted
JE: Planetdoll Riz:  paid/finished/posted

Please do not ask me to copy face ups/send me a link to one face up.