Happy post


Ah, autumn, don’t you just love it? The leaves, the pumpkins, the endless rain (a continuation from summer, which I am no entirely sure happened this year). Anyway, as some of you might know, I have had a period of illness this summer, which resulted in rather more time off work than I expected, and as a knock on effect I have found my post rather scarce and disappointing due to, well, impoverishment. This happens when you don’t work for a month or so, at least when you are self employed. As a result of this terrible state of affairs, when I saw Laura over a Lupin handmade giving away postcards on twitter I didn’t hesitate to bag one.

As you can see, they are book themed and I got British Herbs along with a stamp more appropriate for my reading age. Laura wrote (and it must have taken a while to write out those postcards) that she is busy reading Roger Deakin’s WildWood, a book I have, and have been not-reading for a good couple of years. I have read another of his books, Waterlog, which my husband gave to me because I enjoy wild swimming. I don't think I enjoyed that book as much as my husband, though, perhaps because it was  by its nature so very observational, which is contrary to the reason I swim in the sea; observation requires a separateness, and I swim to merge and flow, to forget myself. Still, that wouldn’t make a very good book and he does write beautifully, so I shall look forward to finally reading about the woods. Thanks for the reminder Laura!

I have a few postcards around myself I you yourself are finding your postbox a desert and need cheering, though I can’t guarentee an awesome stamp (sorry)

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