for japan


for japan, originally uploaded by Champignons.

I did these print a while back, just for funs- I had a new set up (thanks to the awesome Mr Dr C, who built it) and I was trying something simple and fun to try it out

I wasn't intending to sell these, because I usually do mypirnts to standard sizes and these came out wonky so I trimmed them straight which means they are not standard.

But as a dolly enthusiast I feel close connections to Japan and was moved by the response of that community. Therefore, I have decided to sell these and give the proceeds to redcross japan. There are 10, and I will ask for 10 pounds each, so thats 100 pounds for charity.

I'll do the listing in my folsky and my etsy. I do hope she sells!

Love, Valentina*

*the 50's starlet blythe

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