Illo reverse


Illo reverse, originally uploaded by Champignons.

One image is the reverse of the other.. one I laid the paper cut on diazo and used it as a negative ... the other I used the paper cut directly to make the imprint. This is the one I like the best. They are old images I know, from last years series of advices.

I've spent sometime this week overhauling my tumblr so please check it out. I said a while ago I wanted a new way to blog, something prettier and more inspiration with stuff from other people.. theoretically I wanted to do it at this blog, but it just wasn't happening. tumblr makes it so easy it is happening, so if you think it's too quiet here, thats where to go. But if you think it's going at the right place.. stay here. These posts will show up on tumblr anyway.

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