red fox


red fox, originally uploaded by Champignons.

My new print is about beginning. Fox was there at beginning, after all. And the moon is a beginner too, starting over and over again, every month.

With my small hare print, I returned to my first lino cuts, which I did before I ever thought about selling prints. They were therefore unsullied by the need to make money. That's where I'm going with this new series too, but it should be informed by what I have learnt in the interim (Lots, I should hope)

I've returned to a series of prints of the totem animals, but with more of a use of pattern. My earliest works did not capture any kind of deep meditational experience (they were prints of animals) and the stage after that I struggled to bring that experience into my work. I think that the main problem is the attempt to capture very definitely something very indefinite. I think, though, pattern might be a pleasing way to bring some hidden meanings to light; I certainly think aboriginal shamanic works do.

So, anyway, I've scrapped some of the ideas I've been thinking of working on to work with patterns and animals.

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