Illo pattern


forgetting beetles , originally uploaded by Champignons.

I had a lot of good ideas for this, but I'm really into beetles at the moment, so I chose this.I also believe it's on of the best things I have done recently, in terms of interest. I'll explain the beetle pattern though, if that's ok.

In the autumn in the forest you see all these beetles -not stag beetles but big ones- crawling about, you even see fox poop that is black and shiney it's so full of beetle wings. So I think of beetles when I think of autumn, and I like autumn and beetles too. And then, wheeling the boy home from our walk on the common, I saw a stag beetle.

So I draw the beetle, quickly because my drawing are often over detailed and thats useful for spotters guide books but sometimes it sucks the life from a drawing. But it was still quite detailed, so I then redrew it from memory again and again over a day or two. So you can see a pattern emerging, eventually some quite important bits drop off thebeetle, like his antennae and his thorax, but he keeps his curly leg... I know the last beetle is no way accurate, but I love him the most. He is not a beetle, but he is what my brain perceives as essence of beetle..

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