Medicine bottles


bottles, originally uploaded by Champignons.

(For Illo Friday. Being that when we have germs, we take medicine. I state that here, at the beginning, for those folk who criticise before they read, nay instead of reading)

I used to hate watercolour. I'm think it's probably because I'm not very good at it, so I am going to pretend that green bottle is one of those wibble-wobbly handblown ones (it's not) and the paper is adding to the wibbliness (it shouldnt, but probably is) and come to think hard about it, I'm not even sure that medicine is on topic since it's probably disinfectant that is waging a war against germs...but I am sure of this
1) it is the first painting I have done in quite sometime, and I did it today so that must have some merit and
2) these bottles are all pretty dirty and thus must have some germs inherent in them.

The big one looks like it's been dug out of the ground and comes courtesy of my brother- he doesn't know that yet, and he also doesnt know it fits the glass stopper I found on the beach which pleases me tremendously so he's unlikely to get it back.

Here are other unanswered questions I have today today;
Why do baby trousers have pretend flys sewn in (i mean, zippers, not insects)
and if the fly is at the back but I am too lazy to turn them round, am I negligent?
And why is there a spoon in the washing machine?

All most unusual.

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