I haven't really got an excuse for my neglect- the summer holidays and their busyness jam packed with relatives and visits have been over a couple of weeks now, which means the summer is faded and glorious. The arrival of summer is a beautiful thing, to warm our chilled bones, but having had summer now, autumn is always good, especially these clear sunny autumn days when you get all the benefits of sun and none of the stickyness of sun cream.

Anyway, to my neglected sketchbook, and the autumn treasures therein. They are things I have drawn in the past, that I have found in my brain and drawn from memory. Brain treasures, if you will. I tend to draw in a detailed way, but sometimes that can squash the life out of a picture. Drawing from memory keeps it to is essentials:

What I am basically trying to say, is I am happy to live in a temperate region, happy when each season arrives. Day to daylife demands so much of us it is easy to get disconnected from nature, unrooted from the earth, to loose sight of little things like these.

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