It's a wrap!


notebooks, originally uploaded by Champignons.

Well, here I am, celebrating the end of international orders... not to be ungrateful (I'm not, honest. I am constantly delighted by the thought of so many notebooks, gift wrapped and under trees, waiting for their new owner to fill them full of evil plans) but as I have previously explained, all this work has been impinging on my previously lazy life style, so I need a little rest.

Never the less, since I sold out of moleskines and my suppliers have all been infected by a terrible virus that causes them to send random artefacts (if anything) by the worse couriers available, I have taken matter into my own hands for those who desperately need a Global Domination notebook for Christmas (and live in the UK). They are in my etsy shop.

Those wishing to live dangerously- I may well have the mole-stock by Monday. Or perhaps some kippers delivered by a madman. Who knows?

On the plus side, my courier strife caused me to say something I thought quite funny, but was sadly bypast by the world, so I shall chronicle it here for the disposal of the future editors of those books of quotations:

'Yes, all couriers are pants, but the home delivery network has skidmarks'

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