Fa lalalalala! la la la LA.


Now that it is the season to deck the halls with prickly things, I decided to take a break from being unusually busy and take some time out to make stuff I won't sell. Possibly because there is not a living mortal that would pay cash for it, but I do not care; the important thing is a have a wreath, and my wreath cost me nothing.

I was largely inspired by the door on my new house. Firstly, my Door is red. Secondly, there is a nail, crying out for a wreath. Thirdly, those who know me understand that I have a slight tendancy towards making ivy wreaths to adorn my head during certain festivals of pyromania. Those that don't realsie that, might want to look here:
155/365 munkie of the may

Anyway, since I'm not going to wear this wreath on my head, it has to be a good deal sturdier. I took the liberty of making a little photo tutorial, to pretend there might be someone out there that cares how I make wreaths. And here it is:

As you can see, it's quite a scant tutorial. That's because I expected a disaster. But, as my very first tutorial, it will suffice. The implements you need are: Secateurs (or sturdy scissors), some woodland to thieve from, and a small piece of string.

Step 1) These are raw materials I collected on walks in the New Forest and Winchester
Holly boughs
birch twigs

Step 2)I got two large birch twigs and twined them together to make a hoop.Then Twissled a few more in to strengthen it. You might have to soak the birch twigs to get them bendy enough if it's not damp out.

Step 3)I Got some long lengths of ivy and twisted them around too for extra measure. It was quite study at this point. Normally I just make wreaths using ivy but this creation is gonna be bomb proof- hence the birch. I've dropped it a couple of times already so it has to be. The result is a scanty hoop thing.

Step 4)Got some holly sprigs and stabbed them into the hoopy bit. Mostly stabbed them into my hand, mind (note to self: wear gloves next time).

Stabbed in some pretty ivy leaves, ivy flowers and rose hips. Should look quite full now.

Added a dangling hoop using natural twine (the only shop bought thing involved)

Step 5) Hung it on the door for the amusement of my postman. Because it is very prickly, and totally eclipses the door knocker.

The important thing to remember it was totally, completely FREE.

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