Illo rambunctious


Songbird molies, originally uploaded by Champignons.

Boisterous and disorderly. That's what it means. Much like little starlings and such gathering a dusk* I would imagine, though these little birdies are probably too orderly (busy forming Mozart's requiem) to be truly rambunctious but they are what I made today.

On the theme of rambunciousness, i went into Woolworth today (that's a shop that's gone bankrupt and is selling everything off at 20% off even though the signs say up to 50% off) and it looked like it had been stripped back by a pack of marauding, giant ants. Luckily I got my discounted playdough 'operation' some weeks before at a considerably greater discount than 20%, and that's all I could ask for. RIP woolies.

PS, thank you so very much those who left wreath comments and especially those that have made their own wreath. Well done you. Gratitude also goes to Apryl for acknowledging my quotation genius-ness- I don't know why I am passed over by everyone when I am so clearly brilliant and witty either.

PPS in the bottom right hand corner of the music in the background of this photo reads 'My brain is surely going'. This is very pertinent to my mental condition, certainly.

*not that I'm sure we have dusk today; I'm not sure the sun has risen at all, to be honest.

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