illo worry


163/365 mind divided, originally uploaded by Champignons.

This is a journal page- the top phrenology head is the one I drew, and I recommend that you don't draw a self portrait of yourself without the top of you head as that is in fact a source of worry. Anyway, I printed it up as a screen print today, it looks good (i think)

So, I've had a bit of worry this week, trying to sort out a new house to move into (it had been available for a month, you would have thoughtt the letting agents would be a bit more eager to return calls and take the deposit) and also 'I have no income' presumably because I am self employed and work for moonbeams and stardust instead of real hard cash. I'm thinking that the fact my beloved earns a good deal should be enough to satisfy thier worries- we never had a problem when we said I was a housewife, so I think its the fact that I dare to call my self employed while swanning are drawing and sunning myself that makes me morally reprehensible and untrustworthy.

On the whole, I feel similarly towards letting agents.

I've also had a couple of bits of good news this week- a feature on etsy finds AND a photo at number 5 flickr explore. WooHoo. I'll do a separate post about those later.

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