illo wide


A wide open mind- do you have days when you feel like that? A new perspective. A bird explosion has broadened your horizons... a breath of fresh air in a stuffy head.

Well, I am not doing very well on the blogging more than once a week front (maybe because people only seem to read the Friday posts?) but the new fangled ability for blogger to post INTO THE FUTURE leaves me feeling this might happen soon. Though sadly I still have to write the blog posts. Blogger technology does not allow me to download what I want to say instantly from my brain yet, which is slightly disappointing.

The sewing machine eventually arrived on Saturday morning, in case you are wondering (I doubt you are) and was delivered by a very strange man demanding drugs. It transpired he thought I was a medical doctor because of the address label, but not even medical doctors are allowed to give speed to random delivery guys (and judging by the rate of his speech, he really didn't need it either)

ho hum!

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