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spt , originally uploaded by Champignons.

So, this is the photo I said got into Flickr explore. The best I saw it at was number 4, which meant it was surrounded by some pretty awesome photos, and also I have a large volume of flickr mail and some of the best comments ever (my member is my hearts, for one. What does it mean.. who knows?). Anyway, I'm thinking of popping a print in my etsy store. I'm not sure, because I have never sold photography before.

So, thanks for the comments and faves. I've also got some pretty awesome photomanips from miss-bunny, so I will update this post after I've checked it's ok to include them

You will be relieved to hear that I have *did* receive some birthday mail yesterday (my birthday is on Monday, a postless bank holiday) - I thought there was a pretty poor show, but it transpires that there was a sufficient amount of packages to warrant at separate parcel delivery. Hurrah!

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