illo unbalanced


For illo friday, originally uploaded by Champignons.

So people say I'm unbalanced.
But I like a good mushroom explosion, goodf or keeping the mind open.

Andbefore you leave comments about my work being disturbing (which won't earn you any favours, by the way) If you want to see the work of truly unbalanced people, you need only look at children's TV, in particular those aimed at preschoolers. As my baby generates teeth at an alarming rate, he likes nothing better than to snuggle with me and watch 'In the Night Garden*', which I used to think was disturbing, before I saw waybaloo. I also disagree with the though of someone with only 5 neurons teaching my child science (AND her name isn't really Nina!) and there is nothing, nothing to redeem 'dirtgirlworld' which, as far and I can discern, features a freakish being that has a pornstar name and spends a good deal of time talking to an earth worm. And we all know what those look like.

*he has now found both Igglepiggle toys put aside for Christmas. He loves Igglepiggle above all others, emitting a cooing noise when he comes on screen. Note how I have watched enough 'in the night Garden' to know the characters names instead of referring to them as 'blue mutant thing' and 'Mr turd head'

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