Illustration blur


101 bird dancing, originally uploaded by Champignons.

Dance, dance fast,become a blur. Or a bird, ascending (if you are lucky)
I painted this a while ago. Its funny, because I was thinking I have finsihed this series now, as I said on my post below, I was thinking of making it into a book, if not just to draw a line under it all.

I was also thinking about style.. people say they like my style, though I am not sure what it is. I seem to work in a vein for a bit, and then change. Growing up, I liked to do detailed, realistic work, and then Ifelt constricted by it; I spent time avoiding detail by cutting lino, and then drawing things that didn't exist..lately I have been experimenting with simple graphic screen prints.. I am not sure I will ever settle down. I worry about it sometimes...It seems commercially you do best if you are consistent... but then if I drew things of a similar vein over and over again I suppose I would worry about that too. Lets face it, I am a flibbertly gibbet.

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