Saturday, 7 November 2009

Illustration blur

101 bird dancing, originally uploaded by Champignons.

Dance, dance fast,become a blur. Or a bird, ascending (if you are lucky)
I painted this a while ago. Its funny, because I was thinking I have finsihed this series now, as I said on my post below, I was thinking of making it into a book, if not just to draw a line under it all.

I was also thinking about style.. people say they like my style, though I am not sure what it is. I seem to work in a vein for a bit, and then change. Growing up, I liked to do detailed, realistic work, and then Ifelt constricted by it; I spent time avoiding detail by cutting lino, and then drawing things that didn't exist..lately I have been experimenting with simple graphic screen prints.. I am not sure I will ever settle down. I worry about it sometimes...It seems commercially you do best if you are consistent... but then if I drew things of a similar vein over and over again I suppose I would worry about that too. Lets face it, I am a flibbertly gibbet.


Indigene said...

It looks like the reawakening of mother nature! Cool!

ArtSnark said...

wow- powerful yet subdued. great piece

Shirley said...

Interesting what you wrote! I too sometimes am perplexed by the word style. So I try not to use the word, though difficult. I like this piece very much..and I find that some words evoke something different from within, so it's best to go with it and not hold back. Wonderful, thought provoking post, and great illustration!

Apryl said...

its a beautiful piece...I would probably guss that you are a scanner personality type.. alot of crafters and artists are .. you get obsessed with something and then oneday you switch to something else to be occupied with, be it reading, writing, drawing, always on the scan for the next thing to do or try...though my crafts are up to the same levil as you I did write a blog post about being of the scanner frame of mind if you feel like being nosey!