Woooo thankyou


Vote, originally uploaded by Champignons.

A belated thankyou for anyone that voted for me in the etsy vote- I wasn't expecting any votes so I didn't bother to campaign but look- I appear to have come second! Woo hoo! thank you :D

And I have been lucky enough to be featured in these beautiful blog posts recently too:


check em out, if you haven't

Plus oooooh- it's my 100th blog post!

On more distressing notes, I have not been able to get so much done* (on the computer, anyway) as my monitor seems to have decided that red is a bad colour that it wants noting to do with. If you look in my store you might note that red is a colour of which I am particularly fond, and so not being able to see it impacts my ability to work on the computer somewhat. The screen also has an amazing cyan hue, that has lent an underwater feel to my screen, and given me a strange tic under my left eye. yay

*this is a shame as I really need to make money to pay for the new monitor..

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