Illo parade


Here we are then, seven magpies. I'm thinking that's almost enough to make a parade, perhaps. I don't know. I was saving this up, thinking, sooner or later this would be and ideal illo for a friday; people would flock to congratulate me on my prompt interpretation and I would feel very smug indeed. However, here is a list of things that have NOT been an illustration friday topic in the last 4 months or so:

sorrow,joy,girl,boy,silver,gold,secrets never to be told.

If any of these come up in the future, I shall be very upset indeed.

But anyway, I like this print- there are two versions of it, and a book- and I have even managed to list it (on etsy, and soon on ehive, which I have recently opened). I'm desperately trying to think of interesting things to say, but I seem to be suffering some kind of severe caffeine withdrawal so you'll just have to imagine something witty is written here

_______________insert funny stuff here______________________

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