Illo celebrate


Boys and girls, originally uploaded by Champignons.

One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy...

Illo friday is celebrate, because someone had a baby. That's something nice to celebrate, I hope to do it myself in the next couple of weeks.. in the meantime, I will be shutting up shops and taking some chill time- another super thing to celebrate, if you ask me.

So these are birth announcement cards. I did them for both sexes in both brown and white (so 4 sets of cards in total). If you haven't guessed, the whole pink/blue thing doesn't wash with me. My sister offered me some grobags if it was a girl (strangely these are not full of cheap compost and you are no allowed to plant your baby and wander off and leave it) and I have to say, they are only going to be worn in bed, they don't have a specific, I don't know, vagina hatch or anything, and boy willies don't drop off if they wear pink (not that I would dress a boy in pink on purpose. Its all about being cheap). Likewise girls don't grow willies if you dress them in blue.

In fact, I'm pretty much sure (or hoping, anyway) babies, when adult, do not remember all the terrible things we accidentally or purposefully do to them blundering our way through their early infancy, and won't even remember the I candy apple designer buggy that cost you 800 quid, though they might wonder why they have no college fund. Ho de hum. Good luck, new parents everywhere.

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