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moon-hare thaumotrope, originally uploaded by Champignons.

I was thinking of a song for this topic, It's by the eels and called 'climbing to the moon'. I'm on a bit of a bender at the moment, a thaumatrope bender, in fact, i have pretty much decided to become a thaumatrope artist, and make my millions becoming a leader in a very, very limited field**

Sadly I have been thwarted by a complete lack of interest in thaumatrope-related artwork in the rest of the world; still anything I draw must be twissleable (which is a special word I have made up pertaining to thaumatrope).

So climbing to to moon took me to hares because hares are luntics and we all know that they live in the moon so it was an obvious choice. So I made this little thaumatrope. I hope you like it.

*A thaumatrope is a Victorian toy that had an image painted on each side which combines to produce one image when twissled due to an optical illusion called the persistence of vision. And if that isn't cool enough, Johnny Depp had one in 'Sleepy hollow' and I love him.

**This worked well in my Dphil, where I rapidly because a world expert in measuring radium on ICP-MS, if not only because no one else wanted to do that.

My creation

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