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I've been hiding a lot recently, I feel at times like this it's important to have a safe place to hide in. One where you control everything that happens there. So that's obviously where I've been spending a fair bit of time, and I said I'd put a post up for June's 'crafting is my therapy'.
He's a suit I made my doll. It's quite hard to find a suit jacket for a 17 inch doll, and when you do it's nearly always black, very expensive and probably isn't going to fit very well (the dolls, like humans, are all slightly different in shape in a way that makes off the peg clothes buying for fitted garments difficult)

This photo makes things look worse than they are (he kept falling over) but I took it so you have to look at it.


Anyway, I know why this is. Making a tiny suit is very, very tricky. Especially if you doing it using actual suiting material. That stretches. And if you are idiot enough to try that, I recommend a patchwork iron and lots of super lightweight interfacing and heat'n'bond to give those sews a nice sharp finish.

Me You and Magoo


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