Building stories


I wouldn't promote the evil that is Amazon, but Chris Wares 'building stories' suddenly dropped from £30 to £7.50 and I'm not big enough or rich enough to resist that. In case you are not aware this, is a giant box filled with 14 comic books of various sizes (a joyous and exciting surprise to me, like  unwrapping a present) It gives new meaning to coffeetable book being four legs away from actually being coffee table.

Anyway, these gorgeously presented tales of ordinary lives tinged with sadness the world will keep me busy for a while. I'm a bit obsessed with the layouts sort of like those diagrams I  used to draw while revising but more interesting (it just occurred to me perhaps other people don't draw diagrams to revise, not being visual like me)

Of course its best to add another comic to get the free supersaver delivery,  So I bought a little nobrow for Mr nut there, who is enjoying 'time to make a monster' very much.

Anyway, this is a bargain.

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