I've been experimenting with a few things recently, as some of you know. I've always been sort of unhappy with limited edition prints, because I think the idea is that people might drive themselves into a frenzy and overspend worrying that it will go out of print (i see this a lot on the doll market). It makes me uncomfortable, which is why I have quite a lot of open edition prints; besides many people don't grasp limited edition and ask me to print off 'just one more' because they missed the edition. Please note: this is never going to happen. I am not a computer. I cannot make money unless in print lots at the same time of it's just too much work to clean,coat,  burn, proof and print just one screen; besides, it's immoral.

I am aware,however, many people like collecting limited editions for various reasons, and that's good too (so long as they are not bankrupting themselves!). Therefore I have devised the following scheme:

I will be printing a very small number of each new print on the most delicious cream Somerset 250gsm printmaking paper. After that, if I still like the print and feel like it, I will produce an open edition on heavy weight cartridge.

I'm also signing more and more of my prints with my hand carved animal stamps, which feels less egotistical to me.. so if you need your print signed  by me too, please email a reminder when you buy it.

here's the first! awful photos (summer has, once again, failed to upload) but it's quite pretty. I really love it. I hope it sells out so I can do an open edition of it :) The inspiration for this piece was my new tiny zine, The Hare that Flew

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