What's on my desk Wednesday


here are some bits that are on my desk this week... as some of you may know, I used to make dolls. I don't do that so much now I'm so busy, but I do still enjoy painting them, though I don't normally sell them anymore. I've decided to get a few monster highs and repaint them to sell though- it's good fun (and I don't like owning too many dolls so I do want to sell them, though they are temptingly pretty) and the dolls are fairly cheap to buy and for sale in shops nearby (unlike the others I like) so all in all it's a good way to practice and do some face ups I wouldn't normally consider on my own dolls. I've done a ghost and a fox and I've nearly finished a deer- then I can do some photos and get them listed.

I'm thinking etsy is the better place to list them, since I off loaded some bits on eBay and it's quite an horrendous place to sell these days. I don't really fancy that at all...

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