Being self employed has many awesome perks; lie-ins, an awesome boss, super cool Christmas bonuses (by which I mean I bought myself a new doll), lovely customers... but there are downsides. You don't get promoted. You are considered by the general population  (especially those harbourers of the hardest working members of our society- banks-) as 'not really working'. People pop in on you randomly at any hour because you are not 'doing anything better'.

I can count the number of times my in laws have asked how business is going with out the aid of any hands. Or mathematics or even a counting system because it has never happened. And I was recently described as a 'wifey' which is wrong on two counts-

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mother; it's hard and important work and if a person (male or female) decides to devote themselves to the raising of thier childern well,  they should be supported by society in this choice and not berated because 'they don't work'. They work very hard. If you chose not to do that- and not everyone is cut out for it- that's fine too, there's not need to feel bad or guilty, but don't denigrate others contributions to society just because they aren't financial.

Secondly, I do work, I do all that and run my business. I work very hard at this time of year so I was especially happy to get my thankyou letter, card and Christmas sampler from folksy again this year. Thanks folksy, you are a super site. And mostly, Thanks to you, my lovely customers. I hope you all have a super Christmas and New Year xxx

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