illo silent.


Hello there. A little quiet on the blogging front, I've been very busy printing cards. But stay tuned, there will be a competition soon, and a grand(ish) unveiling of my new card range. Anyway, since I've been doing cards my brain interpreted todays theme as 'silent night' quite against my will, by singing it in german over and over. Thanks for that, brain. Thusly, here is a hare quietly contemplating the moon. In a snowglobe. Will be in my store shortly.

Silentness is linked to christmas cards also because when it snows it muffles all sound. It doesnt snow here very often, but it did last year, and I hope it does again becuase I bought a sled. That means it will never snow again, ever, but if it does, I am prepared. Though I would rather it snowed after the christmas rush since the royal mail will refuse to work a whole week if a snowflake should touch the ground anywhere in the county. Could someone schedule snowfall for Dec 24th please??

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