Here's a little side project I printed accidentally.You see, I was working on another print and I drew a little sketch of it and the sketch was so lovely I printed it on some cards. Deer cards are always useful, especially at this time of year!

I quite liked the inverse image too, but I couldn't use photoemulsion for that because my printer doesn't print negatives well.. So when I'd done these I used a bit of screen filler one the deer before removing the photoemulsion* and then printed up these guys:

Are they not delicious? They are a super non fattening chocolate deer that just keeps on giving and giving. I made the snow texture by dustingsome powder on the paper to stop the ink printing on that area, so each print is unique (no flour residue is left on the print, by the way)

There are only 21 so do give one a home.

buy it here

*I really must take pictures of the process. Writing it makes no sense.

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