Illo confined


valenmolie, originally uploaded by Champignons.

Hello! And a belated Happy New Year.
I hope you all had a good festive season, as we did; I did well selling and bought myself a massive new camera. Thus it has to be said that most of my limited free time has been spent in the company of my new toy, which I have taken several shots I like with, and am growing to love.

I've also joined a site called blipfoto where I am endeavouring to put one photo up for every day. It was largey the reason for the new camera.

its funny that the subject was 'confined' as one of my favourite photos would have ticked the bill (that is, ticked the box AND fitted the bill) very nicely but it's a photo and not an illustration and besides it was in the spotlight on blip and flickr explored so just how well exposed should a photograph be?

So I printed up my stock of valenmolies as they also fit the box, and I should have printed them ages ago, but I've been so lazy. And I have set no resolutions to remedy that laziness either!

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