levitation, originally uploaded by Champignons.

Last on my list of things to do today: write blog.
So here itgoes... I've been super busy and I am absolutely shattered so I might not make any sense. This is a print I made, I really liked it because I used so new techniques to get the texture on the dress and I think it worked well. It also pleases me because I have sold quite a few copies already, and you know how excited i get when I sell a screen print so several in a week is heady stuff.

The irony is that I have had the negative for this kicking around for ages, it was one of the first prints I tried to do. It came out disappointing (inexperience on my part and lack of a good set up) which sort of highlights how much I have come on with my printing.

I think another reason I ignored it so long was that I wasn't sure if the quote (from 'The Picture of Dorian Grey) was truthful, I mean, perhaps the best way to experience reality is the sit really sit; or anyway, most of my dealings with reality come in deep meditation. But then, sometimes in life threatening situations you get that same concentration, and you walk the knife edge. I guess that it what it means.

Anyway,I think I'll be working on some other dress colours and patterns in the future.

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