Sew awesome


My creation, originally uploaded by Champignons.

So, here I am back of FULL power with my internet all that working at warp factor. Now, I suspect that you want to what I have been up to while I been unable to unload pictures. Well, here is a post for you.

Since I got my lovely sewing machine, I decided to learn to sew, in particular nice square (ish) pouches. I did one with m'noggin, and then another birdcage one, which has birds on the back so in theory you can spin it. Like a thaumatrope. After making about 10 million or so of these, I tired of these merely one dimensional pockets and so branched into a whole new dimension and sewed a CUBE. This has a different bird theme on each side and I only made one but witness the glory!

It's quite roomy too so you can stash you underwear in there or other secret thing- perhaps, if you are a munkie, a secret supply of siansburys felt bananas.... yes, while I was on the subject of awesome sewing, I spied the perfect opportunity to harp on about these lovely goodies from sian, because she is obviously much better at it than me. You only have to check out the amazing realistic detail on the felt crisps to recognise that. And they do my munkie happy, yes they do.

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