Library notes.


present from askey., originally uploaded by Champignons.

I can't remember how long I have been without internet now, but it's a jolly long time. I'm thinking I should have marked the days off on a stick in a manner like Robinson Cruesoe, which would probably reveal it is actually only just over a week.

This charming little fellow was a gift from the lovely Askey ( though I believe he was originally created by He's a little felted buttgnome pod fella, who's looking particuarly fetching amongst the lithops on my new windowledge. I've not owned anything needle felted before so I was sort of infatuated at his squishyness. Luckily needle felting holds its shape far better than I even imagined....

I can't upload, so no Illo friday this week.
Also, I used to remeber libraries as being really quiet places, and librarians as unable to issue any sounds other than ferocious hisses like some kind of bookish adder.

Libraries are really noisy now. It's not just people talking and ipods set at rock concert level- infact It mostly the librarian herself that seems to talk to everyone (at length) like Dom Joly shouting down a massive telephone.

Other pertinent facts are that there are only 6 computers, and each session is an hour long. I got here 15 miniutes before the library opened to get on a computer because otherwise you have to sit around in an informal queue while your will to use the computers is eroded by the sheer amount of nose picking that's going on.

Strangly, the two day migraine that I had (after awaking from a nightmare about 70's food) has waned (perhaps caused by a pressure build up due to inability to broadcast my thoughts to an imagined internet audience?). I also know the location of the librarians grandmother.

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