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art notebooks , originally uploaded by TheDevilsWallpaper.

The astute will have noticed that my web page is currently directed towards this, my blog- this is because the host I was using were not being very helpful (urgent help came within about 2 weeks,and wasn't technically help, as it wasn't helpful at all).

I quite like it this way, because lots of people stop by my blog, which makes posting here see somewhat less futile. Even if this is because they mostly seem to be falsely lured here by google on a quest for desktop wallpapers of some sort (mostly devils wallpaper, which I think is probably some kind of sporting team, anyway, they are very popular and ought to provide their fans with more wallpaper )

Anyway, dear devils fans, this is what I have been doing: recycling my duff art prints (the one that I decided were to faded, or came out too big, or cropped wrong) into little notebooks. Arn't they precious? Each is one of a kind, portable, useful art. Sure to inspire you on the bus or while you are about your tedious everyday chores.

Particularly as I found the phase 'the virgin mary in a slice of bread' whist clearing up after paper cutting...

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