Hurrah! September


oopsies, originally uploaded by TheDevilsWallpaper.

Jim has gone back to work now, so I have all day indulge in my hopeless internet addiction.. I mean work. Every now and then one of my prints comes out wonky, which is upsetting when you are using expensive inks and paper. I mean, it's basically fantastic, but it's fallen off the edge of the paper.. no fair.

Well, I have Found the perfect solution! I have cut down the prints to make some unique, high quality ACEO's, badges and magnets. I am not sure I can actually make a profit on the badges, since I only have a super badge it an the refills are not particularly cheap.. but it makes me happy. It's recycling, and my joy at being able to make a badge (in 3 different sizes!) has not lessened since I was 10. And you get a wonderful piece of art as cheap and chips.

They will all be for sale or gifted in packages (to those that spend lots :D)

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