Printing with kids


If you follow craft blogs or Twitter accounts like I do, you'll be aware that it's the time of the year every seller, supermarket and shop are trying to peddle items to give to your child's teacher. I generally do a good job avoiding fabricated commercial holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day or Valentine's Day, but this is sort of thrust upon us, like an onslaught of low quality chocolate (I mostly dutifully eat this, as Jim, the teacher, is not so keen).
I actually like Mr Nuts teacher this year, so it seems a bit unfair to, say, bake a biscuit and have the child decorate it himself with smarties and icing and (undoubtedly) bogies. Last year I contributed £2 to have my child's hand drawn portrait put on a tea tray, mainly as he drew himself dressed as Spider-Man, rendering the whole concept pointless.
I don't mind giving money, but I do mind wasting it. Ten quid might not mean much to you but it means a hell of a lot to some people in this world, and I'd rather give it to them, to be honest. That's not to say giving and gratituding and saying thank you isn't important.
With this in mind, Mr nut decided he'd make a print.
He chose this wolf design. He really wanted the stag beetle one, but it's just not ready. Neither is this one really, but close enough. I'm using these as proofs and will be having a little fiddle before releasing it. Here he is pulling his print, heave ho! All my printing inks are non toxic and super safe, so nudity it easier than aprons for small children.

And here he is with his work! Very proud. He learnt to do a three colour gradient, and I think he did a very nice job. Well done Mr Nut. There's one for the teaching assistant too of course- hurrah printing! And if they don't like it? It's recyclable (I'd totally put it on my wall, though)




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