Illustration .. Treasure


Well, it's treasure to me (possibly because I have the mentality of a seven year old). I did a print just of beetles and bones and feathers called 'treasures', Mr nut loves it.

I know it's not Friday but I've got that Friday feeling because school is broken up for the summer now. In case you're wondering the nut trotted into school very proudly this morning holding the prints he'd made.

This is the first beetle in the forgetting beetles series, where I drew a beetle and then re-drew the sketch from memory. The original beetle I rescued from someone's else's garden, due to a strimmer accident. I think you can probably tell that there was carapace and leg damage, but I tried not to get too obsessed with the picture, more to observe closely

Here's the final beetle series. The detail and time spent on the sketch decays dramatically, but the final cartoon is so fully of life. Well, I think so anyway. I have more thoughts, but, another post maybe.





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