Missing Type giveaway



A couple of people have been asking about the raven prints, so I was printing them today, and then I remembered it was national blood week, and I thought that the nature of the poster seemed sort of fitting so.. So well I'm afraid some of the type went missing.

Since the aim of this sort of event is to raise awareness, I'm giving these away these five limited prints.Some of you that know me will know that when my little boy was born, he was quite poorly. In fact, he needed a full blood transplant just to survive. That's a picture of him there, getting better after the transfusion.


Someone took the time and effort to go to the blood bank and they saved my baby's life and I'm so grateful for that.So, if you want a print, please share this post (I'll share it to my facebook/Twitter/tumblr/Instagram page to share from), or any #missingtype posts you can, remind your friends how important it is to give blood, and I'll stick your name in a hat. If less than four people are up for that, you'll all get free prints- fancy that. Dont forget to leave a comment/tag me if you share to somewhere I can't see, or are giving blood in real life cus that counts too.Here's a silly video of me printing (one handed)


The rules again: Share. Save lives. check back Monday to see if you have a prize.




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