Journal progress.


It's been a short term, so it's half term already, but I've been surprisingly productive with my time and painted a lot of dolls and printed a lot of prints, which I'll list in a week. Tomorrow is my birthday- there's an exciting pile of presents in my room to open before I pootle off to the Eden Project on my way to Cornwall.
I'm really interested in the work I'm doing, so it will be hard to take a holiday (well, maybe not that hard), but I will be taking take my journal with me (and a large quantity of pens). It's been a month or so since I made my journal so I thought I'd make a little video thingie to show how many pages I've managed to get through (surprisingly few). Looks like I won't be needing a sketchbook for a while, which is a shame, because I quite like making them.

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