oodles of doodles


I bought this for my small boy. Mostly because I thought if he didn't like it, I'd bind the pages into my own journals. Some of the pages are pretty, when they are not demanding you draw 'sad colours'.

Of course Mr Nut gets around these intrusive instructions by blatantly ignoring them or occasionally doing the exact opposite, unless he approves, of course.

He attitude to art is unspoiled; he has no doubts and just wants to draw on every page of a book as soon as possible. He will joyously scrawl on any available piece of paper without ever worrying about the invisible audience silently judging the quality of the work, or anxiety about filling the book to soon and having to get another book or going too fast and not doing it properly. There's a lot to be learned from that. 

Also, he's written out how to sing the Doctor who theme tune, the greatest piece of music ever written. BOMP. 

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