Writing Materials


Since i've practically finished my old journal (and bound it in my old boots- well, the leather) I decided to make some new ones.

 One I bound using ring binder clips (and I'll show that later) but the second I decided to do a proper text block for the first time- its easier than I thought, as long as you have clear instructions- I found this tutorial from bookbinding university the clearest. I can't believe I put it off so long.

I used a lot of different papers. I have a problem throwing out those asian manilla envelopes out... and my sons nursery still had reams of that prehistoric dot matrix printer paper which I found hilarious.. so that goes in there...

And some vellum, of course...

And I stuck some nice leather to the exterior.. I'll do a clasp when I have a better idea of how fat it's going to turn out (or so I say; it's mostly because I never get round to doing these things...)

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