I'm sorry to do this to you but...


It's the annual christmas card post! I've printed a lot of cards, I've delivered them to shows and gallieries, I'm printing more, so it's time to get your order in before I succumb to advanced Seasonal psychosis.

This year I've added options for you to pick and mix your bulk orders, so you can actually sort out a few birthdays and valentines as well as whatever festive holiday you and your friends are celebrating. I'll even post presents and cards direct closer to the big day if you've forgotten to, you know, allow overseas posting time.

Available in my store, as well as etsy and folksy. I'd prefer you used my store, but go for my other shops if you are uncomfortable. I have to say I'm really not happy about etsy at the moment, though.

Merry November! Hope you all survived bonfire night xx

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