Seasonal thoughts


As some of you no doubt know, The landscape of my life is shifting as the small boy has declared himself a big boy, and gone off the school, which means I no longer have to try and cram a whole weeks work into two days. It has also lead to a spate of people asking 'so, what will you do now?'

Presumably they feel that now I have an entire 6 hours a day to play with, I can give up farting around and get a proper job. This is misguided for two reasons:

The school day is not full time; jobs that offer the flexitime are usually the type of job that will expect you to work in the school holidays and weekends; I have no intention of doing those things, or becoming a teacher or a dinner lady. So if you are asking me if I'm going to go out and get a low paid part time job then the answer is:

No. No, because I already have one! I know, it's so shocking that I can barely believe my good luck either, but in fact I get more farting about drawing pictures and dolls than I would for most other part time jobs. I've not pushed hard with my buisness but just being there I have a steady stream of commission work and galleries asking to stock my work and I can only hope that if I devote more time to it, this will continue. If not, I might spend more time on neglected activites like exercise, or using the bathroom undesturbed, or sitting in my pants eating corn chips and looking at cats on the internet.

No doubt I will benefit from the consistency of drawing everyday; in fact, I have managed to complete a new screen print this week which is normally quite a long process,which, with my new found leisure time, I have documented for your education and entertainment.

But I'll save that for another day. Good night. 

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