Do you like my new vase?


It was just after my birthday and I was sitting outside arranging my birthday flowers wondering why I never thought to do the flowers outside before, when  I slipped and the vase smashed, and I remembered it's because the patio is very much too smashy for vases.

 I wasn't too upset about the destrution, apart from the shards of purple glass scattered across the paving- that is, I didn't really like the vase; I used it because it was a gift but it was an arkward colour; too dark to allow sparkling reflections of sunlight through water, but not dark enough to disguse the putrifing stalks of the aging blossoms within. In fact, with time (after the dustpan and brush has been duly deployed) I began to rejoice in its destruction- I had birthday money, after all, and not two months ago I had been enamoured of a enamal jug, beautiful and simple, useful when not harbouring flowers as a watering vessel, discreet in its contaiment of various green slimes.

I also got the milk churn vase. No reason. One should be wary to too many reasons a day, I feel.

I'm in Southampton briefly but the shops are still closed while I have a little rest time. They will reopen next tuesday, I promise.

I hope you are having a lovely summer!

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