This months Dolls



You only get 5 dolls this month, not through lack of opportunities to work, but the spray sealant is really starting to bother me. So you get the dragon twice because I like her eye make up. 

I was looking at my new camera and I realised that no one has ever criticised how much I have spent on a camera. The same is not true of Dolls.

It might be that people percieve that I need cameras for my work, but then dolls also earn me a substantial chunk 'o'munny. I think it's just a cultural thing, that if a thing is percieved as 'useful' then it's ok to spend money on it, even if you are buying a stupidly expensive car when a reasonaly priced on would be more affordable and have more seats and just generally better all round. Or having 5 different smartphones and tablets even though if you thought hard about it there isn't really a need for one iPad in your life.. but you can afford it and you want it so why not?Best not to criticise other peoples  hobbies, lest they point out how you spend more money on something equally 'stupid'.

I don't think dolls are stupid, and I'm happy to help people create thier perfect doll, whether that doll is a character in a novel that you find helpful to see in 3D, a reference for your photos and drawings, or part of a some psychological work to help balance your life or personality or just to look so pretty that you smile everytime you see your doll, and take that smile out into the world and share it with everyone. Those are all good and valid reasons to spend money, and besides, when you buy from artists like me, and doll makers, then you are supporting small buinesses and that's never a bad thing. Here's this months faces (I only paint the faces. I do not make dolls).

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