I don't often show my patterns on their own, out of context- sketches like these don't look very good and an artists bad work is her own concern, I reckon. I've told you before that they have some meaning, so I thought I would explain that today, I case you thought I was lying. So here's what this pattern is about.

There are these little algae in the sea, they are called coccolithophores and they live in the little ball of armour made of calcium carbonate. They are really, really tiny. They are almost insignificant. I started drawing them after watching one of those youtube videos of people performing heroic acts, that are meant to inspire people or restore thier faith in humanity. It struck me how much of the video was people foiling suicide attempts. I really hope that if it came to performing such an amazing heroic act, that I could, and if you are a doctor or you fly about in a helicopter saving lives you do great work, and I am so glad you do. Thanks.

However, not everyone is a doctor. Society today values some people more than others but we can all do our part. One day I was standing on the pavement looking at a tree with my small boy and a lady passed by with her dog so we stepped out of her way and said 'morning' and that poor lady nearly burst into tears. I don't know what had happened to her that morning but people hadn't been very kind to her recently, and she said that just that one simple, tiny jesture of kindness-something I'd do for anyone- had restored her faith not all people were completely horrible. I realised how important it was to remember to be kind, and I drew this as a reminder.

 So, back to the algae. They are really tiny right?  Really small and pointless and insignificant? Well, the white cliffs of Dover are made of those little shells the algae make, all those tiny coccoliths floating down, down to the ocean floor, accumulating, making something big, something impressive, something good.

Simple acts
Moving out the way
or smiling
Make the world a better place
It saves lives you know.
Stops people jumping in the first place. 
You can be a part of something important. Something bigger than you, impressive, good.

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