This months faces


You'll be pleased to know I am back at work again, and working very hard.. though I have to say, I am branching out more into my hobby of painting doll faces. Basically buying my own dolls to paint was too costly, so it's better other people send me thiers to play with, and then I can use the proceeds too.. buy more dolls ;). Here are a few of the most recent face ups I've done for some lovely people.


I've always enjoyed highlydetailed painting,though I don't really want to do photorealism in my own work. In fact, as a painter who tends towards too much detail I find the graphic nature of screenprinting liberating...... so long as my psychological need for tiny brush strokes is satisfied by really small brushstrokes.

If you have a resin, abs or vinyl doll that you think I could paint, you cann contact me here, through facebook or my shop, If you are a regular reader thats freaked out y dolls... sorry bout that. Try and keep the unsavory comments to a minimum though.

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