This isn't illustration Friday


Once again, dear friends, I find I have horribly neglected my blog. I though perhaps buying my phone (yes, my phone, I avoid the big complicator.. computer.. as much as possible) a keyboard and new blogging platform would helpl somewhat but post remained thin on the ground. I didn't even do illostration friday last week, and the theme was trees, and that is super easy.

No, and the reason is this:

I've been painting dolls again. Some of you might know that I paint dolls for a hobby (a bit like gustav klimt who painted landscapes in his free time... ) but I've never really mentioned it here on this blog before. I'm really touched at how nice my friends and internet comrades have been about this faintly bizarre pass time, and the resulting pictures of disembodied heads. Some of them even have dolls of their own now.

Well, anyway, these dolls are not cheap, and I have a few and thats enough. Basically, I've run out of dolls to paint. So i've gone pro. If you have a BJD and you'd like me to paint it, you can purchase my services here:
`face up services
This is an introductory price while I build my portfolio as I haven't painted many boys. I'll either put my prices, or get bored and stop.

*normal serice is resumed*

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