Illustration friday mirror


This is one of my earlier drawings. It's a postcard, but a favorite.
 I've mostly been printing these past three years and it has suited me but I am going to start drawing again now I think. I'll post about that later.

 I've been meaning to have some giclee prints done of my favourite drawings, but I can never seem to afford the initial outlay. A friend of mine (Lorrie 'illusio' Whittington) has just opened a society6 page (check her out) and it reminded me that was one of the options I considered at first but I decided on getting them done in the UK and selling them myself...but that was at the beginning of the year and I'm no richer. So maybe I will go with society6 after all? Then you could have bigger deers.
An I think that's what we need.

And, yes, they are a perfect mirror, apart from the antler.

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